hats stah

I own about 6 hats and have only worn 2 of them, probably one or two times each. I don't really have any explanation for this, but I have resolved to wear them all more often. You would think that they're more of a summer thing, y'know, to block out that blistering Australian sun and all that... but I'm actually really into them as winter headwear. They keep my head as warm as any beanie would, except they don't make me look like an alien, as any beanie would.

Vintage dress via Miss Brown | An old, ratty cardigan | Topshop hat | Windsor Smith ankle boots

PS. It feels so good to be on my mid-year break (even if I am working/interning 6 days a week).



It's extremely rare that I get the chance to post up an evening-esque look on the blog, but 'ere it is!

c/o Wish dress | Camilla and Marc cardigan | black heels from Wanted

A couple of weeks ago, I was dropped an intriguing little email from Wish, an Australian clothing label for all you mostly-Brit readers of mine, to participate in the Wish Winter in the City style challenge. Basically, I've been given the exciting opportunity to peruse a little lookbook and style up an outfit using one of the pieces from this season's collection, and may even score a Honda for a year.

I realised a long time ago that I seriously lack any clothes that are fit for going out-out in. In all honestly, I usually lack the desire to even go out-out - I'm much more likely to salivate over the thought of watching a DVD at a friend's house - but a girl's gotta have at least two choices in her wardrobe, right? I went for this ridiculously pigmented (I've been watching too many beauty vloggers...) cobalt-blue number and can let me tell you, I have never owned a dress so tight (and by tight I mean tight, yo! as well as form-fitting), because I generally gravitate towards drapey, loose fabrics.

Also, I only recently bought these heels (my first actual heels that don't include boots) when I realised I was pretty dangerously underdressed for a friend's birthday a few weeks ago, and the cardi is a new score from the Camilla and Marc sample sale that was on recently. And toc, a new outfit kinda just pieced itself together. Now all I need is an occasion.

Hope you're all well! Uni is driving me slowly insane but I've had the chance to discover some beautiful spots in Sydders this month, and have a good few trips planned for the upcoming holidays... so you'll hear from me again soon!

Shout out to Wish Australia and Honda Australia (Twitter) for contacting me ♡


New Cazj

I went to my first Pilates class in ages today, and boy, did my core hurt or what?! I completely forgot exactly how much those 100's can make one's abs feel as if they're burning in the fire of 100 suns. I like to think that's how the work-out got its name.

These pics were taken back when sky was blue and you could actually feel the heat of the sun on your skin if you were outside. It's getting pretty cold out now, so I don't think I'll be wearing anything shorter than a pair of jeans for a while - but the long sleeved basic striped tee and casual denim hoodie will make regular appearances in my autumn wardrobe, I'm sure.

Speaking of wardrobes, I'm forcing myself to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning to go to my first ever sample sale, at Ellery. I've decided I hate/would never again wear about 80% of the things I own, and have decided to spend more on quality and less on quantity like I used to. It's not even that I ever used to buy that much anyway, but when I did, it was mostly cheap stuff that was heavily printed and I never had a desire to wear more than a couple of times. I'm also really digging the idea of having a closet comprised of mostly Australian labels because, well, why not? I'm Australian and proud of the designers we have down here, though not all of them may be quite so "International".
I need a collection of good quality, capsule pieces that will last me years (so long as I don't shift in weight too drastically, hah). And I've decided this is going to start to happen tomorrow - will definitely post up the two/three things I will be able to afford to buy on my student budget!