Friday, April 18, 2014

burger bunz

It's Friday, and you know what that means! Actually, you probably don't because I'm a pretty inconsistent blogger. Here's some food porn for you all, regardless:

I can't even remember the date now, but it would've been mid-way through our trip to the UK in January/February that Richard and I took a trip to Solihull with Richard's parents. We did a spot of shopping 'n stuff, I was looking for some basics in the shoe department (I still haven't been able to get black canvas Vans in my size in Australia, sigh) and then stopped at Handmade Burger Co. for lunch.
I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE me a good burger. Especially the "gourmet" kind, made with some sort of love. I mean, I'm no burger snob at all - the thought of a Big Mac or Whopper make me uncontrollably excited, too, but I try to avoid the ultra fast-food kind as much as I can for the obvious health and sustainability reasons.

Anywho, Handmade Burger Co. is good, good stuff. It's a pretty common place (like Urban Pie that I recently blogged about), not a place tucked away into some secret corner. I stumbled upon three in my time in Birmingham alone so chances are, if you're English and reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
I really have to recommend the chilli and rosemary spiced chips. Not too hot (though my chilli palette is pretty strong, having grown up with and Indonesian mother and all), but incredibly tasty! I went for a beef burger as I'm not a fan of chicken breast and that's the only part of a chicken any restaurant ever seems to want to use these days, but Richard's mum did get a chicken burger and said it was great, so there you go!

Just writing this post has made me crave a burger, and I only had dinner about 10 minutes ago.
Unfortunately, Handmade Burger Co. isn't in Australia - but Grill'd is just as great!

Monday, April 14, 2014

secret beach

It's finally the mid-semester break!

I don't hate uni or anything (as much as I'm itching to get out into the real world), but I have been counting down to this mini-holiday since day one. There's nothing quite like being able to come home after a long day at work/interning and knowing you don't have to actually do any more work if you don't want to. Granted, mid-sems aren't real holidays as we've got things to do due first week back, but it's nice knowing I don't really have to worry about that until a couple of days before term starts again, hah.

Last term was pretty good, actually. I seem to recall first year being a lot more hectic and stressful for some reason - whether it's because the actual work load has been less/easier or if I've just gotten better at managing my time, I don't know, but I'm putting money on the former.
Our main styling assignment was to roll with a theme/trend and create editorial-style layouts for it, and shooting on-location with my partner/friend Jess for our beachy/organic theme produced some beautiful photos (probably because this place is gorgeous). Our location that we stumbled upon by accident: Kutti Beach.

Asos dress

Kutti Beach is a secret beach like no other. We were actually trying to find Milk Beach but went into a no-through road by accident, got out of the car and noticed the tiniest, narrowest staircase by a sailor's club. Down the staircase was a small concrete, planted landing which then lead to the private beach local mansion-dwellers call their backyard. There were probably only two or three people there on this super-hot and sunny day, a far cry from the ridiculous crowds you get at Bondi.

I'm itching to take Richard here, as we rarely get time to go to the beach together... in between him working full time and me being at uni, we rarely get days off together :( Hopefully some time in the next two weeks!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

war is over (if you want it)

As some of you fellow Sydney-siders would know, Yoko Ono's War Is Over (If You Want It) contemporary art exhibition was on at the MCA in Circular Quay not too long ago. I first heard about it before Richard and I jetted off to the UK, and was super anxious to see it as soon as we got back. Sadly, Richard started work again pretty much straight away, so I couldn't give him the little cultural enlightening he so desperately needed (when are you going to stop classifying pepper as extremely hot, Richard?!) but it did leave room for Mia, one of my most cherished friends. We have this thing with a mutual friend of ours where we go on exciting adventures as a trio and call them "HADs" (Hawt Asian Day - don't ask). I guess this was a mini-HAD as our dear Rae wasn't present, but I guess Yoko could count as being there in spirit to be the third, being of Asian background and all.

On with the photos!

We were blessed with pretty ridiculously beautiful weather despite the rain that had been plaguing the city for a good week and a half. Though I guess it wouldn't have been that bad, seeing as though the MCA is mostly indoors.

Me being a total dork at the entry of the exhibition.

Can I just tell you about this piece? It was a mini labyrinth made of some sort of Perspex/glass material, and in the centre was a phone. YOKO ONO HERSELF would call this phone. How often, I can not say - I've heard once every 24 hours. Unfortunately she didn't call while we were there, but how great is that?!

There was a great big wall completely filled with love-letters to mothers across the globe. Naturally, Mia and I added our own dedications to our beloved mamas! Right next to this, there were tables set up with broken bits of china, rope, glue and sticky tape. The idea was to "mend" the pieces any way you chose, meanwhile thinking of mending the world. I love this woman.

All About Eve top via Attik | Vintage skirt via Cow | Windsor Smith sandals | Origami Fox necklace c/o Love Hearts and Crosses

And here's a shot of the Opera House next to the wishing trees that were set up by the café. I can't actually remember what I wished for, but I hope it comes true!

Have a lovely rest of the week, everybody. PEACE!