green check

Today: lots of wind (obviously!) I do normally try to look up in photos but my hair kept blowing in my face and getting stuck to my lips, hahaha, so this one's the only one that turned out today.

Green check top: Urban Outfitters
Grey high-waisted skinnies: Silence & Noice (via eBay)
Black hooded duffle coat: H&M
Shoes: Doc Martens (eBay!)

The day itself was pretty mild, though. Is it just me or does it NOT feel like winter at all at the moment?! And it's supposed to be winter solstice today! Huh. I actually felt heat from the sun and took my coat off at one point!

I went with Richard into town as he was going to work and I needed to return a couple of things - a black H&M work dress that was too small in the chest (exchanged it for a black wiggle dress instead! I felt like a vixen when I tried it on. Awesome!) and a scarf from Primark that Richard decided he doesn't want. While at H&M, I browsed through their sale stuff and made some purchases, too! Everything is black. I seem to love black this season. Maybe it's the hair? I'll show y'all tomorrow, hopefully!

Then, I went home (alone as Richard finished work at 9pm - boo!) and got ready to pay Richard's grandparents a surprise visit with the rest of the family. It was really nice to see everyone, and I always love how Nanny Dot and Grandad Tom decorate the house for Christmas! Proper traditional, haha.
I also got to eat pork pie which was another bonus.

And now? I'm super tired and not really wanting to go to work tomorrow, but then again, I'm pretty sure everyone* would rather just sit at home all day watching trash tv without a care in the world, than ever have to actually earn money to live!

* Maybe not everyone.


  1. I can't believe how mild it's been either! Ridiculous. But I am loving your bfs grandparents decorations - so cute! xx

  2. I would definitely rather sit at home and watch crap TV than ever go to work....

    I love your Doc Martens. I've always wanted that exact pair :)

    Mabel Time

  3. I recognise that necklace! Yeah, it's been weirdly mild for this time of year, but that by no means equates to warm (in my opinion anyway). Currently watching crap tv, big love for 4music. xxx

  4. Love the look, it's effortless and really cool :) xoxo

  5. Those Doc Martens are wicked :O And I don't know, sitting around watching tv is really dull to me. I do like to sit around and scribble/color though! Haha

    Castle Fashion

  6. This outfit is fantastic! I am totally taken by your necklace! It is so unique and cool!

  7. I love the little magic 8 necklace! I'm not at work today, and I DO like a nice sofa day, but I reckon by the end of my 11 days off I'll be ready to go back to work!
    Have a lovely Christmas!
    Belle du Brighton

  8. I find myself always wearing black this season too haha! I love your shirt, and the necklace looks awesome with this outfit!x

  9. I love the dark shirt and coat with the light grey jeans, lovely combo!

  10. Your tartan shirt is amazing Michelle! I love it, and goes so well with your hair.
    I hope you have such a lovely Christmas too.x

  11. i love your shirt, perfect colour and pattern for the festive season! as always, i adore your hair and makeup too, you look lovely! xx

  12. Lovely blog.