pie date

Ok, guys. So ages ago I came up with the idea where I would blog about something food-related every Friday... maybe even give it some cutesie little nickname like Foodie Fridays. But that plan went pretty bust when I realised uni is a lot busier than ex-student friends of mine made it seem and I never got the chance to take a good picture of what I ate in decent lighting every week.
Well, here I am trying to rekindle my love for food photography. I know there are a lot of haters out there who moan about #instafood and the likes, but I'm a huge fan. Some of my favourite blog posts are those involving reviews of great places to eat or recipes for delicious home-cooked meals. And, as I've turned this blog o' mine into something more about my lifestyle than exclusively my personal style, it's a pretty good resolution to make along with me wanting to document my life more in photos!

So here we go. These were actually taken while I was in England last month when Richard and I had what we called a "Pie Date". Every time we went to the Bullring in Birmingham back in 2012 (a great big shopping centre, for those of you not familiar with it), we would pass Urban Pie and decide to revisit it and actually eat there. That never actually happened while we were living there, but we made the effort to check it out this year while we were visiting and I'm so glad that we did!

Urban Pie isn't some fancy, exclusive place. It's actually sort of canteen-y; you pick your pie, your sides, grab yourself a fork and knife and sit down wherever you please. But we fell in love with it. I loved its d├ęcor with all the wooden panels and sorta log-cabin vibe (I dunno, that's how I felt) but most of all, I loved my pie. From memory, I think I had a lamb and mint one - Richard stayed true to his love of relatively boring food and went for steak. They were amazing. And so cheap, too!

So if any of you are stuck for somewhere to eat and want somewhere cheap, cheerful and with great comfort food - give Urban Pie a go. I can't wait 'til I'm back in England for another trip!

Happy eating!


  1. Great review the food looks delicious.

  2. Really cool pictures and food review !
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  3. I loveeee Urban Pie! I am from Birmingham and it is so tempting to eat there everytime I go shopping! x

  4. Looks so yummy! x

  5. How I miss the mushy peas in England.....

  6. Love the pictures, wish i can go there someday! :) The food look so yummy!
    Btw, following you on GFC!<3

  7. Wait...this is my neck of the woods - love that you were in the Bullring!