How Men’s Hair Reveals Personality

Whats your hair says about your personality

He length, style, volume and color of your hair can reveal your personality traits. The hairstyle can be one of the easiest types of nonverbal communication to decipher.

Reading body language involves being sensitive to gestures, facial expressions, eye contact – and even hairstyles. Both women’s and men’s hairstyles can reveal personality traits.

Here’s what your hair says about you.
Discovering Personality Traits Through a Woman’s Hairstyle

“Hair is often an excellent predictor of someone’s self-image & lifestyle,” says Jo-Ellan Dimitrius in Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior – Anyplace, Anytime. However, she also writes: “Because so many hairstyles are acceptable on women, most stylistic deviations don’t indicate much about a woman’s personality. Extremes of length, volume, style, and color are the most telling aspects of a woman’s hair.”
What Short Hair Says About Personality

Short hair that is carefully cut & styled may reveal an artistic personality. Most high-maintenance hairstyles indicate financial well-being; short hair that requires regular cuts and dyes may show that the woman cares about her appearance, & is willing to spend a significant amount of money to look good.

“Spending a meaningful percentage of one’s income on hair – or any other aspect of personal appearance – suggests vanity, a need for acceptance, concern about others’ perceptions, & possibly insecurity,” writes Dimitrius in Reading People.


What Long Hair Reveals About Personality

Women who are over 40 years old & wear their hair long may not resist growing up. Dimitrius writes, “Sometimes females with this trait are caught in a time warp and still care for themselves as teenagers or college seniors rather than as grown-ups. Such women may be fairly unrealistic in their outlook on life as well as in their perception of themselves.”

Women who have long hair may consider it makes them more sexually appealing. Long hair could further reveal a bohemian spirit or scope from conventional expectations.
What Gray Hair Reveals About Personality

Women who let their hair go gray smoothly – or who dye it gray or white – are likely to be comfortable with their age and who they are as women. Generally speaking, they choose for themselves what they like and what looks good on them (unless of course, they are allergic to hair dye. In this case, gray hair doesn’t reveal personality traits).

What Mohawks & Purple Hair Reveal About Personality

Women (and men) who do strange & unusual things with their hair may be artistic and nonconformist. However, they may be conforming to their subculture ( Goth, punk rock, rebellious artist, etc.). People who experiment with dramatic hairstyles are young and adventurous, with little regard to how they’re perceived by “conventional” society, such as employers or authority figures.


Reading body language isn’t just about facial tics, eye movements, hand gestures, or looking at the office props at work. Believe it or not, deciphering personality via nonverbal communication can involve a man’s hair.
Reading Body Language Through a Man’s Hairstyle

“Hair is often an excellent predictor of someone’s self-image and lifestyle,” says Jo-Ellan Dimitrius in Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior – Anyplace, Anytime. “Your hairstyle can reveal how you feel about aging, how extravagant or practical you are, how much importance you attach to impressing others, your socioeconomic background, your overall emotional maturity, and sometimes even the part of the country where you were raised or now live.”

When you’re reading body language through a man’s hairstyle, keep current fashion trends in mind. What was popular in the 80s isn’t now, which means that an 80s hairstyle says something different about a man today than it did in the 80s.

The hairstyle is part of the whole package that offers tips on personality, behavior, and lifestyle.
What Coiffed or Styled Hair on a Man Reveals

When a man’s hair is delicately cut, blow-dried, & hair sprayed, it could indicate that he’s the power image. A man who pays close attention to his hair may also have expensive or trendy clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys. Reading body language, in this case, isn’t difficult: this man is probably vain & wants to impress others.


“All other things – the suit, the shoes – being equal, the man with the coiffed hair is almost guaranteed to be more concerned with status, power, & image than the man whose hair is neatly cut but not styled or sprayed,” says Dimitrius in Reading People.
What Short Hair on a Man Reveals

Reading body language, in this case, can be confusing because the short hair on a man can reveal many things about his personality. The Very short hair on a man could indicate that he’s practical, plays sports, is conservative, is in the military, is recovering from medical treatment, or works for an industry that requires short hair (such as the policemen or fire department). A man who purposely shaves his head bald is an extreme example of “very short hair.”

Dimitrius indicates the short hair on a man doesn’t reveal political views the way it once did.
What Hair Loss on a Man Reveals

How a man apportions with hair loss shows his personality. If he uses extreme comb-overs or obvious hairpieces, he may have poor judgment. He just doesn’t realize how he looks to others, and he thinks people won’t notice.

Hair replacement surgery & hair plugs to replace hair loss may indicate a lack of self-acceptance and vanity. Men who go to the extent of surgery to look younger and more attractive may struggle with self-esteem and insecurity (which we all sometimes do).

“Baseball caps, hats, & ponytails on a balding man can also indicate resistance to growing older (or growing up),” says Dimitrius in Reading People. “But bear in mind that maximum balding men have to wear a hat outdoors to avoid sunburn on their scalp. If the hat stays on indoors, that’s another story. The wearer may be self-conscious & insecure because of his hair loss.”
Nonverbal Communication and a Man’s Hair

When you’re looking at a man’s hairstyle as part of body language, remember that there are other factors that reveal his personality traits and lifestyle. Reading body language and nonverbal communication involves taking in the whole person, not just separate aspects.

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